"Momma Tried offers an outlaw glossy periodical to readers with equally subversive tastes."
-- Bitch Magazine

"The creators of nudie mag Momma Tried invite you to get down with your bad self -- regardless of what you look like, how you identify, or who you sleep with."
-- Huffington Post

"The ads might look like real magazine ads… but are essentially installation pieces, questioning hetero-normative standards and shifting ideas of what’s sexy"
-- OffBeat

"This is satire. This is porn. This is art."
-- The Miami New Times

"The ad-free magazine is laced with incisive and divisive imagery, while features on misogyny, consumerism, shaming, and opulence are juxtaposed with forays into the subconscious…"
-- Bitch Magazine

"A shining newcomer to the publication world"
-- Lost at E Minor

"Momma Tried is equally vital as an object d’art and a deliberate collector’s piece."
-- The Miami New Times

"A publication that looks and feels like a heavy-weight art mag while leaving behind [the] exclusivity that often comes with the art world"
-- Huffington Post

"The people they portray, the images they show and the messages they promote are not intended to be shocking, but rather a celebration of diversity."
-- Huffington Post

"Raunchy but richly creative."
-- Arkansas TImes

"Blurring the lines where conceptual art and societal commentary would typically meet"
-- Propaganda New Orleans